BSR2dvi ---  a batch oriented DVI export tool for "Textures"

                 (beta version of September 2002)

CTAN directory dviware/BSR2dvi/
Interim updates:


September 2002: Second release on CTAN
  -- some error alerts added for file mishaps such as disk overflow.
  -- rotating cursor indicates progress (45 degrees per file!).
  -- auxiliary tool "SerialKiller" supplied.

July 2002: Update

May 2002: First release on CTAN



     The new "BSR2dvi" program is TeX freeware for *wholesale*
extraction of TeX DVI files from "Textures", a Macintosh
implementation of TeX that is created and marketed by Blue Sky
Research (=BSR) . The neat "DVIimport"
tool, freeware by BSR from 1994, already does the opposite.
"BSR2dvi" will perfectly suit the needs of those preparing many
electronic publications.

     "Textures" typesetting does not directly produce a TeX DVI
file (=DeVice Independent output format file) -- a format
essential to such widely ported TeX utilities as:- xdvi, dvips, or
dvipdfm. Instead of a DVI file, "Textures" uses a collection of
Macintosh resources called the 'typeset', made up of segments of
DVI data alternating with segments of private data. In versions >=
7 of "Textures", the only BSR tool able to reliably export a DVI
file is the big "Textures" program; this process is slow (albeit
free in a recent bridled version called "Textures.FREE").

     "BSR2dvi" is fast, and uses a multi-file 'drag-and-drop'
user interface, or (for eary Macs) the older
'joint-launch' user interface.

     It is hopefully usable under most (or all?) Macintosh 
Systems <= 9. Also under System 10(=X) in classic mode. 

     The current "BSR2dvi" version is 'beta'; the most 
up-to-date version will be at:

as well as on CTAN.

     Please report bugs, misfeatures, and misinformation to the 
author at the email address found in the program. 

                                  Laurent S.